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Bomb Holes Visibility Mod


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This small mod will extend the bomb holes visible distance.




2 versions, one for LockOn 1.1x and another for 1.02

Use LoMan 2.1 or ModMan to install.


Somehow, the larger holes have less visible distances. It seems the effect is hard coded and can not be corrected. Still you can see them from further away than before by this mod.



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TekaTeka from Japan


Visit my site Beyond Visual Range.

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Yet another small but very important mod ....... Reps inbound Teka

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Well actually here what happened.. i renamed my old smoketable.sht like XXsmoketable.sht for backup both in the same directory and the sim was giving me errors, after test i just took off the "XXsmoketable.sht" old file out and the sim was running normally with the new file in.. I find this very interesting..

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This is so nice!!! Thanks Teka Teka!

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Another workaround from you for stupid engine bug.

Thanks TekaTeka!

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