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Show pilot body is not working. No keybind to hide and show stick.

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Show pilot body is not working in the openbeta ( version of the KA-50. I've tried to remap the keybind just to make sure but it's not working. There's no way to show the pilot body.


There is also no keybind to show/hide the control stick. If you have the control stick hidden by default in the options (I usually do) there is no control stick shown in the KA-50. However in helis I like to see my control stick so I often just toggle it back on. Unfortunately there is no keybind to do this. So I have to keep that option off but then now I have to toggle off the stick in all the other aircraft I fly where I don't want the stick to be seen by default.


Considering both of these are simple keybinding issues I'm sure it should be an easy fix?

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