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[REPORTED]Unable to fully undesignate A/G target with TPOD after JDAM TOO mode


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When creating a TOO target for JDAMs with the TPOD, pressing NWS/Undesignate will clear the X.X TGT on the HUD, but a target diamond will stay visible, corresponding to the TOO target.


If the last JDAM is dropped (possibly before as well), it is impossible to fully clear the A/G designation. Even if NWS/Undesignate is pressed, a target diamond will stay and the TPOD will not be able to either return to snowplow mode or use VVSL. The designation can be updated with TDC Depress, but cannot be cleared.


As per the latest update, pressing SCS -> TPOD will return the TPOD to the designated point, after cycling through area and point track. I tried slaving an LMAV seeker to it, but it didn't work, making me thing it only acts as a designation for the TPOD.




Tested on OB PG map.



Track attached.

FA-18C_unable to undesignate fully with TPOD after JDAM TOO mode.trk

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