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[NEED TRACK REPLAY]Searchlights at Dawn and Dusk


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Dear ED, at dawn and dusk it seems there is a previous of 30 minutes or so during which it is not possible to have the searchlights shining.

Can you disable any time-bound restrictions on the lights. This way, mission makers can have the freedom to determine when the lights are on or off.

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I have a question about this timing.

I'm trying to make a mission that start at night.


In solo and when I host my server, I don't have problem. At night, AAA won't shoot (no light on map). And when daylight come, they start to spot and shoot at plane (pretty cool).

It seems that something tell the AAA when it's too dark to spot and when it's ok.


I imagine this timing is linked to the timing of the seachlight.


My question is :

Are the correctly activated at daylignt when using a dedicated server ?


I have 2 mission.

The first start at daylight => AAA shoot (solo, hosted server and dedicated)

The second start at night => AAA never shoot (on dedicated server only)


All AAA use the exact same setting.

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