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3D printable chair clamps (quick detach) for X56


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This is my 3D printable chair base for X56, after some intensive use I really like it and I'm used to it's position (a little low and offset) getting a comfortable experience for long flights. Arms are resting almost all the time, and using properly the KA50 autopilot options you can fly using just your mind :megalol:


It is a very robust clamp created for a specific kind of chair wich uses a pretty standard arm rests used by many cheap brands.



Click image to get the 3D printable files


HOTAS support has the following features

  • Quick detach of the hotas This is a must have for me as computer place is shared with the rest of the family.
  • Strong and reliable, hotas kept in position with no base shaking
  • Additional screws for reinforce losing the quick detachable option but gaining in strength
  • Easy to print with no supports required pieces fit without glue, and you only need M3 screws and bolts for the chair clamps.
  • Ideal for VR as you can move your chair around if needed
  • Made for a common chair design used by many brands


Mounting and using it: Mounting it is pretty easy...

  • first adjust the mounting clamps to your chair as seen in the photos, only non symetrical part are the front part of the clamps that will fit right and left arms. Use 6 M3 screws on each clamp.
  • Then add arms to the bases as seen in the rendered image.
  • To attach the hotas to the base you can use whatever fits your needs, in my case instead of long 65mm M4 screws to attach HOTAS to the X shaped bases, I printed the included pins, and then added two sided adhesive foam tape on the centre to keep them in position. I did this for the throttle stick only, control stick needs no further attachments, with the pins it remains in position (and that makes it more compact for storage). You can use whatever fits.
  • If you want them to remain in place with a stronger attachment, you can optionally add 4 20mm M3 screws in the base of the clamps once you put your HOTAS in position. You can screw them or just insert them without screwing to a bolt as they keep its position very well. In fact, I insert a smal screwdiver instead just to remove them quickly.
  • I designed it with a 15º down angle to allow a better position on the chair with better angle and reach fo the hotas from a relaxed position.



Parts are pretty simple, which means they can be modified to adapt to almost any need. With a little CAD knowledge you can adjust the legs to fit your HOTAS, or try to adapt the clamps for your specific chair or mix them to make a table mount (I'm projecting a variant for a table mount). You can work on the STL files included, but if you need not merged parts you can ask me for them.


Additional parts needed:

6x M3 15mm screws and bolts for the chair clamps, I use some cheap nylon ones that really does the job from Aliexpress. You can get them HERE, keeping a box of theese at hand is always a good idea for your projects and prototypes.

Optional 4x M3 20mm screws and bolts to keep the detachable parts fixed to the chair adding much more strength to your mounting.

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