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Upgraded Home Cockpit From 30 Years Ago


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I used the same seat set-up that I had assembled on a wooden base back in 1990 for use with some old Thrustmastser HOTAS equipment, later replaced by CH controllers. It uses a bucket seat from a van. After 30 years, I thought it was time for an upgrade.


I designed 2 new side console panels and built them out of 1" plywood. Left panel for the throttle and right panel for a mouse/keyboard combo. I made a paper template for the small airplane silhouettes (F-100) and traced them onto 1/4" plywood and then hand-cut them and painted them red. Went to Michaels and bought some 3/4" wooden letters and painted them blue.


Purchased a new Warthog HOTAS system and two TM MFD control panels. I had FoxxMount laser cut a new custom-designed 1/4" steel base plate for the new Warthog stick. Then mounted that to a 1" plywood platform, which also holds a punched square steel tube to which the MFDs are mounted. Everything is adjustable both vertically & horizontally to get comfortable ergonomics.


Got a new Corsair RGB keyboard so I could light up the keyboard in green to match all the new TM controller green LEDs.


What an improvement from the old set-up, really feels like you are climbing into a cockpit now, especially with all the new buttons & switches to play with. Really happy with the way it turned out.







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