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AESA radar modeling and modern updates

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I am curious if LockOn developers will include AESA radar modeling for MIG-29, SO-30MKI, and SU-33. As well as for F-15 and F-16. The latest F-16 blocks (50, 52+, 60) all have AESA options. Also F-15 are one of the lead platforms for JHMCS AIM-9X. AMRAMM is up to C-6 (Scorpion) mod.


Bringing back MIG-29K would be nice as it the real thing for the Indian Navy along with their new (well really old but rebuilt) Moskva class aviation cruiser (i.e. pocket aircraft carrier).


For carrier landing, some actual LSO integration with waveoff.


Aside from OVT example, 29 has no flying thrust vectoring models. but SU-30MKI has thrust vectoring. I am curious how that could be implemented into LockOn. I would love to have SU-34 as flyable aircraft. According to Aviation Quarterly it flies like a heavy SU-30.


Both R-77 and R-73 are in mod2. Extended range and engagement envelopes.


Western ships are using Rolling Airframe for point defense to suplant or replace Phalanx CIWS.


Adding some newer types. F-35 (A,B, C), F/A-18E/F, and Typhoon. I am afraid adding F/A-22 would make the sim unwinniable, as neither 29, 30, or 33, can effectively engage the Raptor. It would be interesting to run intercept on TR-2 Dragon lady.


Add rain to weather.

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But i read that they do have about 370 of the 500 MiG-31's that were built back up & running, which have (mostly) the Zaslon S-800 PESA radar, and (as has been said many times) were the first production fighter in the world to use PESA radar


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But PESA radars probably lack the jamming capabilities their AESA counterparts posess. The upgraded Mig-29 for the RuAF (VVS) has a slotted array radar, as does the Su-27SM. The only plane that might have AESA in Russian service is the Su-34, but the numbers in service are below 20 right now, so it's not really a big fleet.

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Mig-35 is suposed to be an interin fighter untill PAK-FA enters service. Having said this Im not aware of an estimate as to when the 35 enters RuAF service. Theres is an AESA upgrade for export flankers. The PERO antenna. No one bought it yet though the hardware "is there". This Radar should be powerfull, though the mig-35 has somewhat modest perfomance specs and most certainly are even less impressive IRL.


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