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F-15c with Cdn. air force F-18 low vis.


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hello I 'm working on a mod for the Cdn. air force side which will include new start screens, planes list (C-17 real & F-15c what if) , training and combat campaign missions. I've was able to do a skin for Canada' new C-17 using Vipers 2048 skin but after spending many hours neglecting RL:doh: I have given up on my many attempts to make a fictional F-15c skin with the f-18 low vis Cdn. scheme.:mad: I understand the hours that go int making these re-paints and was hoping that maybe I could get a hand from someone here, i can help with placing the decals & references' but I need the fuselage work done, I know what I ask is alot but I can not seem to move forward with the mod without a good repaint, the mod is realiant on a realistic looking re-paint, anyway any and I mean any help would be awesome i just want to get this mod finished so Canada and her allies can fly together:pilotfly:

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