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Crowd`s for Airshows


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The crowd looks realy good TOMCATZ.

I have a question though about the number of LODs if any?


Has any one tried grouping static object into one like those groups of objects that make up SAM sites, found in meinit.xml.?

If that's posible than the crowd could be divided into 5 or more object, each with it's own LOD box.

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I know the human being and fish can coexist peacefully.

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Here is ths mod updated for FC2 (attached)


I converted the mod for use at VFAT2010 so the graphic file has the VFAT logo on the back of some T-shirts.


I couldn't find the original file by Tom, but it would just be the case of overwriting it with the original file.



The fences work in this mod but I had to rename one of the files because it was named using a non-English keyboard.


Hope this helps,




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