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Help Safer Pay keeps shooting down my payment

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So I'm trying to capitalize on this sale, and for some reason Safer Pay keeps rejecting my cards. My first Card which goes through Bank A is a Mastercard and I had some problems purchasing last night, but it eventually went through. Last night I tried purchasing some more things and Card A was getting shot down and wouldn't go through at all. Today I tried using Card B which is a Visa and goes through a different bank. For some reason this card is also getting flagged. Is there a reason that Safer Pay might be rejecting cards right now? Every-time I try to purchase no matter what card I use I get greeted with this:


Processing of the transaction failed. Please try again later or contact your provider.


Is anyone having this problem, or have you ever had this problem? How did you fix it if you did? There is enough money on both cards to make the purchase and no outstanding debts and I've never experienced this before. As much help as I can get would be appreciated.

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I also called the company and told them that it was me, and they de-flagged SaferPay. They said wait at least 30mins for the card info to be updated through the database and it should work. Tried it and hour later, and just minutes before posting this, and it is still shooting me back. Something to do with Saferpay.

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  • ED Team

Please contact support they will assist you




thank you


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On 7/7/2020 at 7:42 AM, DeltaXrayBravo said:

Something to do with Saferpay.

Hey man. Your problem solved?

Now I've the same problem.



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