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Weird pauses when turning on Skhval / Mav sight


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I encountered a strange performance problem. When I turn on the Skhval or switch to Maverick, the game freezes for a few seconds (5-10 seconds) and then "unfreezes" and goes on as if nothing had happened. But during the freeze, the simulation is not stopped, time passes, but I can't control the plane or anything for that 5-10 seconds. Mildly annoying.


This is not always present though. My rig is P4 3,0 GHz, 2GB RAM. LOFC graphics is set to a custom setup, but it is mostly "high", 1024x768.

With my old video card, an X1600pro 512MB AGP, this problem was present.

When I switched to a new card, an X1950pro 512MB AGP, it was fine, no pauses - however when I switched the resolution to 1280x1024, the problem appeared again.


Well, any tips/ideas on this one? Anyone else having this? Should I downgrade some graphics settings, or can it be fixed somehow else?

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