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Sea Eagle


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Hey @Vibora - is this still planned? It'd be awesome to get the Sea Eagle working in multiplayer. If I recall correctly, it currently requires a waypoint placed in the mission editor, which won't work too well in a dynamic multiplayer scenario. Perhaps a system where we can adjust the Lat/Lon of the target using the kneeboard if we're parked on the ground with the engine off, like the current F-16 GBU laser code system? Thanks for all the hard work on the C-101.

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I'd love it if you raised this in your priority list, to me it is the single biggest issue the C-101 has and really hurts my enjoyment of the module.  There are quite a few other DCS devs that have made the F-10 map a means to create waypoints for weapons, along with data card use and laser code settings that can only be done on the ground using the kneeboard, it seems to me that this would be a workable solution that the C-101 could employ.
Thanks for your consideration, it's just the one thing I wish I could do, use the C-101 in the anti-ship role on a multiplayer server, as it is it can't be done.

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