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Mission Editor: Roadbases


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Rather than wait for Heatblur to just add the "place on ground" for the AJS 37 Viggen, I have a few suggestions on how to implement roadbases.



The first one is a roadcoloured tile that essentially works as a FARP. One of these can spawn one aircraft as well as reload / refuel it it as specified as you do with any other airfield. You can also alter the colour of this tile so it blends into the ground. Essentially just a one-airplane farp that is places exactly above the existing terrain.




Mark road as airstrip. This will "upgrade" the road by essentially making the ground airfield grade and removing all the light poles.

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Personally, just have a 'start from ground' and 'start from ground hot' option available for all aircraft. Only thing is AI pathfinding (though I wouldn't mind doing it for them with taxi waypoints).


It would solve all issues relating to starting from road bases, and it would solve any parking problems at airbases (i.e empty ramps and aircraft compatibility).

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We have been asking this for AGES now..


How hard can it be to create an object that can spawn Aircraft on it...


Make a HUGE disclaimer if you will: NO IA ARCRAFT if you must...


are ALL Airplane SPAWN´s MAP dependant?

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+10 for this, been waiting a long time to take off from a road base

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The only thing is, that in real life these are predefined, purpose built parts of public roads. 

Apart from some desert testing A-10C but still it was defined

So, an object you can place via ME wouldn't be realistic I guess. It would not work in current DCS terrain engine (looking good at the same time) either, so Insee this only as a developed part of terrain rather than ME object.


I am still trying to find a suitable road as austere landing in DCS Syria, however, small roads tend to be massively uneven, whereas highways have got those concrete barriers in the middle. 


Question is, were these present (or are still operational) in real life countries that we have got depicted in DCS? 

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