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RAZBAM 2020 Q4 Update


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There is an ETA for the AV8 update in the stable version? It’s annoying CTD’s with JDAM, useless MAVs and erratic behaviours in this fantastic airplane I love in deep.


I guess you'll have to wait the next stable update to get it. It can be long since the last update was not too far out.


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Forget "too modern", our Harrier was made in the wrong country. :) Specifically, we have the USMC version.


Not that it won't be fun to fly around Falklands. I'm very happy for the updates.


The Sea Harrier FRS1 and the invincible is when the Falklands map will come into its own.

Perfect combination.

harrier landing GIFRYZEN 7 3700X Running at 4.35 GHz

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080Ti

32gb DDR4 RAM @3200 MHz

Oculus CV1 NvME 970 EVO

TM Warthog Stick & Throttle plus 11" extension. VKB T-Rudder MKIV

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