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"RAFALE PACK EVOLUTION" NEWS JUIN 2022 2.7.14 by the Cuesta Brothers Team


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5 minutes ago, toan said:

Excellent News for the parking of up to 10 to 12 aircraft, and using the forward deck parking slots! 👏 I look forward to test that 😃 You are an expert ! 👍

Concerning the AIRBOSS View, it's not my work, but Marroux's. You just have to add the text lines at the very end of the LUA file, and it works without a hitch. 😉

Also, I've come to a taxiing problem when a Rafale tanker was parked on slot no. 1., and 4 Rafale M on the other slots, plus an E-2D. Below are the screenshots, where a first Rafale M (out of 4) was launched. Then, the tanker started to taxi, but was stopped by the Rafale on spot no. 2. Then, the E-2D started to taxi, and was in turn stopped by the tanker.... All the launch process was then defnitely stopped. Sigh. 🙁 I guess this could be avoided by pushing back the parking slots to the edge of the deck. 🤔



The taxi issues could possible be fixed by moving the planes back, but then the issue becomes deck crew standing in the middle of a wing 🤔. I may have to leave it like this for a bit. The easy fix is put the E-2 and the Tanker on the catapults. But yes if you are wanting more than 1 tanker and E-2. An easy code fix may be if I can trick the AI by adjusting wing span and such without causing other issues. But moving the parking spaces back without running over more of the deck crew may be tough, lol

Note, I've only tested with 2 planes groups. While I've not tested this myself using 4 plane groups could very well change the take off order causing what I see in the picture. I know it's a pain but try 2 planes groups if your are now using 4. I had ok results using 2 plane groups for fighters, 1 or 2 plane for tanker and E-2, hope that helps

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Thanks to toan and everyone else's help I've got my Naval Aviation Mod in final "beta" testing.

I've decide to release the overall project in modules by nation. Stating with the French Navy🇫🇷

NAMvF1 update will include take off and landing/parking for up to 16 AI aircraft (15 Rafale/Etendard, all versions, and 1 E-2) using both catapults and 14 ramp starts. PLUS 8 helicopter or VTOL Harrier/F-35B in case you want to invite some friends over 🙂 Some USN naval aircraft may work but have not be tested with this version

16 Rafale can take off from Nimitiz class carrier with very minor issues, landing all 16 not tested but may work.

Also will include the LSO view/AirBoss     Modification par Marroux 

SAM fix for CDG

Hope to have final version for release early next week.

pics 1-3 are take off, 4-7 landing









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33 minutes ago, F-2 said:


is this Rafale wind tunnel data? Or just a general use of the word Rafale as gust or burst?

Numéro de dossier : 2098/53. Essais d'aérodynamiques dans la soufflerie supersonique à rafale



Hi F-2, looking at the very long summary of the project presentation document, it is dedicated to a wind tunnel experiment research. It has nothing to do with the Rafale fighter.

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5 hours ago, Beldin said:

Almost done with the Clemenceau landing/parking. I now have 8 parking on the bow. Hoping for at least 12 overall. If I'm lucky maybe up to 16-18.



Very good news ! 👍  Thanks Beldin !....  👏

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