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Trim responses


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Howdy All:


Using the TM Hog setup, I find trimming the P-47 to be a bit to sensitive or very low fidelity. It feels as if there are only a few trim points. At level flight just one touch of the trim (horizontal) tends to kick the a/c up/down quite a bit. It seems as if there should be a higher fidelity response  i.e. 10's of points Vs what seems to be a set number of position 1-2-3... 9-10.


The above applies to the ailerons and rudder. All just seems to have only a few trim points.


Any ideas of how to modify this? Or am I missing something completely?





Alienware R8 i9-9900k
nVidia 2080ti 11GB GDDR6
32gb DDR4 XMP at 2933MHz
850w PSU-Liquid Cooled-Killer Wi-Fi 6 AX1650
Dell 32" S3220DGF-Samsung MX-279 27" IPS
1TB M.2 PCIe NVMe-Samsung 500gb 860 EVO
Samsung 256gb 850 Pro-Corsair 180gb Force GT
TM-Warthog HOTAS



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Found that too.


Not as bad as it was in the Spitfire with it's rudder trim when it was launched.... It took months to get fine tuned but it eventually made it's way into one of the updates.


Let's hope they look at this one too.


Is there a link to post bugs / suggestions directly for the development team ?

Flight Simulation is the Virtual Materialization of a Dream...

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I have not run into any problems trimming the P-51, P-47, Spitfire, or Mosquito in R/P/Y.  The trim on a button seems kind of slow compared to the "other" sim.  But it's very easy to trim all four of the mentioned planes for hands off level flight.  Yaw is the easiest, just center the ball, Pitch I very very loosely hold the stick and use Pitch Trim on a button, until the nose levels out and I'm just barely holding the stick.  But that's all I fly is Warbirds, in DCS and the "Other" sim.. so it's second nature as to how I do it.  It being slower in DCS, at first I tended to over hold the button and would go past the sweet spot (pitch) and have to come back.  the only plane I really use Aileron trim is the Mosquito..  I have not tried to use trim on an Axis in this game yet, I want one of the Trim modules I have seen from Replika gear and the guy from Russia GVL warbird style trim boxes. 




Sempre Fortis

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I wrote already something about these stuffs.
Maybe i'm useless,but all problems of trimming in DCS become unbearable  because of sensitivity proper at this game.
There are a lot of conditions to perturb the level of flight in a simulator.
All acts change the general stability.
Move a bit the throttle forward or backward and yaw stability changed,the tangage too,and also roll because of inducted rolling.
For sure it's not so simple to be aware of that if have not aknowlege of flight technics sufficient.
Firstable we have to wonder what happens for each action on a périphéric separatly.
And of course what happens in a real flight when acting on.Compared to a flight reported,simulated,coded in your game.
In a second hand remember that it's very difficult to reproduce the real behaviour in a simulator of flight.
It depends also of which type of joystick and how it's configurated,and the power of your rig.
Many things may doing a bad experience.

At the end the setting of your curvatures in game may be a solution.
Only one thing is mandatory,be cool and patient..

Good game😉

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