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Weird Behavior When Starting Up from a refuelled from 0lbs of fuel


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So i got this problem, which i don't know if it's a bug or it's just how the real hornet works. The things is that when starting up a COMPLETLY emptied f18 that has been refuelled it cannot start up as if fuel wasn't been feedeing to the engine, which is rare as refuelling also fills the feeders of each engine.




1. Load an f18 emptied of fuel on the tanks.

2. Start it up either with APU or aux air/power.

3. Wait until fuel on engines itselfs empties, in which point the engine will stop working.

4. Start engine again, i prefer aux air for this, to check engine is empty. RPM stays at 30

5. Refuel f18.

6. Check tank feeds are getting fuel (use aux power).

7. Star engine with fuel on feeders.

8. (FINAL) Engine doesn't Start Up.



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  • ED Team

First 🙂 why would you want to start an aircraft with zero fuel? lol


It seems there is some damage done, if you shut down completely and request a repair, ensure you have fuel, then restart all is ok. 



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