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Su-25T Airport IDs

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EDIT: Updated for v., added Mariana Islands airfields.


A few weeks ago I did some testing and made a complete list of airfield IDs for the Su-25T.  I only saw the Caucausus Map Aerodrome IDs in the manual (page 66 in the PDF), but none for other maps.  (I believe the FC3 planes also use these same IDs internally, and increment through the airfields in numerical order when you press the next/previous waypoint buttons, but they don't actually show the selected ID anywhere that I can find, so these may not be very useful for FC3 planes.)


ID    Name
01    Anapa-Vityazevo
02    Krasnodar-Center
03    Novorossiysk
04    Krymsk
05    Maykop-Khanskaya
06    Gelendzhik
07    Sochi-Adler
08    Krasnodar-Pashkovsky
09    Sukhumi-Babushara
10    Gudauta
11    Batumi
12    Senaki-Kolkhi
13    Kobuleti
14    Kutaisi
15    Mineralnye Vody
16    Nalchik
17    Mozdok
18    Tbilisi-Lochini
19    Soganlug
20    Vaziani
21    Beslan


ID    Name

01    Creech AFB
02    Groom Lake AFB
03    McCarran International Airport
04    Nellis AFB
05    Beatty Airport
06    Boulder City Airport
07    Echo Bay
08    Henderson Executive Airport
09    Jean Airport
10    Laughlin Airport
11    Lincoln County
12    Mesquite
13    Mina Airport 3Q0
14    North Las Vegas
15    Pahute Mesa Airstrip
16    Tonopah Airport
17    Tonopah Test Range Airfield


Persian Gulf
ID    Name

01    Abu Musa Island
02    Bandar Abbas Intl
03    Bandar Lengeh
04    Al Dhafra AFB
05    Dubai Intl
06    Al Maktoum Intl
07    Fujairah Intl
08    Tunb Island AFB
09    Havadarya
10    Khasab
11    Lar
12    Al Minhad AFB
13    Qeshm Island
14    Sharjah Intl
15    Sirri Island
16    Tunb Kochak
17    Sir Abu Nuayr
18    Kerman
19    Shiraz Intl
20    Sas Al Nakheel
21    Bandar-e-Jask
22    Abu Dhabi Intl
23    Al-Bateen
24    Kish Island
25    Al Ain Intl
26    Lavan Island
27    Jiroft
28    Ras Al Khaimah Intl
29    Liwa AFB


Syria - (H) = Helicopter base
ID    Name

01    Abu al-Duhur
02    Adana Sakirpasa
03    Al Qusayr
04    An Nasiriyah
05    Tha'lah
06    Beirut-Rafic Hariri
07    Damascus
08    Marj as Sultan South (H)
09    Al-Dumayr
10    Eyn Shemer
11    Gaziantep
12    H4
13    Haifa
14    Hama
15    Hatay
16    Incirlik
17    Jirah
18    Khalkhalah
19    King Hussein Air College
20    Kiryat Shmona
21    Bassel Al-Assad
22    Marj as Sultan North (H)
23    Marj Ruhayyil
24    Megiddo
25    Mezzeh
26    Minakh
27    Aleppo
28    Palmyra
29    Qabr as Sitt (H)
30    Ramat David
31    Kuweires
32    Rayak
33    Rene Mouawad
34    Rosh Pina
35    Sayqal
36    Shayrat
37    Tabqa
38    Taftanaz (H)
39    Tiyas
40    Wujah Al Hajar
41    Gazipasa
42?    Nicosia (could not verify, airfield doesn't work in mission editor)
43    Akrotiri
44    Kingsfield
45    Paphos
46    Larnaka
47    Lakatamia (H)
48    Ercan
49    Gecitkale
50    Pinarbashi
51    Naqoura (H)


Mariana Islands
01    Rota Intl
02    Saipan Intl
03    Tinian Intl
04    Antonio B. Won Pat Intl
05    Orote Field (grid BQ48, not currently usable in mission editor)
06    Andersen AFB


I'm not sure if this is the right place to post, but it's not a bug, and there's no specific forum for Su-25T posts that aren't bugs. I just wanted to post this somewhere so it can be found through search if anyone else finds it useful.


I don't have the Normandy or Channel maps, so couldn't document those; if anyone else wants to do some testing on those maps and add their IDs, please consider posting them here as well.


Other keywords: airport, airfield, aerodrome, navigation

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Updated for v., added Mariana Islands airfields.
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Consider making this into a file and posting it to the user files section of the main DCS website.


These may be in a lua file somewhere associated with each map. If you can find it, post the information heree so we can look for the corresponding file in the other maps.

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I've uploaded it as a text file to the User Files, hopefully it'll show up soon.  I did a full text search through all the game files for one of the airfield names and looked at all the files that seemed relevant, but didn't see any obvious places where that data is stored.

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Hi. I made one topic about this in the past too. The problem I had, was with alternate airport priority. In a Su25 manual you can find this page bellow.


Thank you for you post and lists. Those are helpful but I wonder, where we can find alternate airports lists for other terrains? This information is probably somewhere in a game files to dig out. Not provided, and so bad that when new dls terrain is coming out, has completely no documentations at all.


List of Caucasus airport IDs



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Hey guys.

Can someone please explain the practical usefulness of these IDs?

If I'm not mistaken, the HUD only displays the ID of your departure or destination (if you have one) airfield, leaving all other unmarked?

So this thing is only useful when you forgot from where, or to where, you're flying?


To prove that I'm not trolling 😄 , here's the list of The Channel IDs I just created using the Su-25T. Accurate for DCS Open Beta - 23.07.2021


1 Abbeville Drucat
2 Merville Calonne
3 Saint Omer Longuenesse
4 Dunkirk Mardyck
5 Manston
6 Hawkinge
7 Lympne
8 Detling
9 Eastchurch
10 High Halden
11 Headcorn
12 Biggin Hill


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Added these IDs to my kneeboards. Grabbed them today from the current Open Beta, cross-checking this topic's data along the way.


All numbers in SlipHavoc's original post are valid for OB


And here's the missing data for Normandy:


1 Saint Pierre du Mont
2 Lignerolles
3 Cretteville
4 Maupertus
5 Brucheville
6 Meautis
7 Cricqueville-en-Bessin
8 Lessay
9 Sainte-Laurent-sur-Mer
10 Biniville
11 Cardonville
12 Deux Jumeaux
13 Chippelle
14 Beuzeville
15 Azeville
16 Picauville
17 Le Molay
18 Longues-sur-Mer
19 Carpiquet
20 Bazenville
21 Sainte-Croix-sur-Mer
22 Beny-sur-Mer
23 Rucqueville
24 Sommervieu
25 Lantheuil
26 Evreux
27 Chailey
28 Needs Oar Point
29 Funtington
30 Tangmere
31 Ford AB
32 Argentan
33 Goulet
34 Barville
35 Essay
36 Hauterive
37 Vrigny
38 Conches




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Syria IDs after the eastward expansion.

Valid for DCS Open Beta - 28.04.2022

1 SY Abu al-Duhur OS57
2 TK Adana Sakirpasa LTAF
3 SY Al Qusayr OS70
4 SY An Nasiriyah OS64
5 SY Tha'lah OS60
6 LB Beirut Rafic Hariri OLBA
7 SY Damascus OSDI
8 SY Marj as Sultan South HELIPORT
9 SY Al-Dumayr OS61
10 IL Eyn Shemer LLES
11 TK Gaziantep LTAJ
13 IL Haifa LLHA
14 SY Hama OS58
15 TK Hatay LTDA
16 TK Incirlik LTAG
17 SY Jirah OS62
18 SY Khalkhalah OS69
19 JO King Hussein Air College OJMF
20 IL Kiryat Shmona LLKS
21 SY Bassel Al-Assad OSLK
22 SY Marj as Sultan North HELIPORT
23 SY Marj Ruhayyil OS63
24 IL Megiddo LLMG
25 SY Mezzeh OS67
26 SY Minakh OS71
27 SY Aleppo OSAP
28 SY Palmyra OSPR
29 SY Qabr as Sitt HELIPORT
30 IL Ramat David LLRD 
31 SY Kuweires OS66
32 LB Rayak OLRA
33 LB Rene Mouawad OLKA
34 IL Rosh Pina LLIB
35 SY Sayqal OS68
36 SY Shayrat OS65
37 SY Tabqa OS59
38 SY Taftanaz HELIPORT
39 SY Tiyas OS72
40 LB Wujah Al Hajar Z190
41 TK Gazipasa LTFG
42 SY Deir ez-Zor OSDZ
43 UN Nicosia Intl. CLOSED LCNC
44 UK Akrotiri LCRA
45 UK Kingsfield
46 CY Paphos LCPH
47 CY Larnaca LCRE
48 CY Lakatamia HELIPORT
49 CY Ercan LCEN
50 CY Gecitkale LCGK
51 CY Pinarbashi HELIPORT
52 LB Naqoura HELIPORT
54 IQ H3 Northwest NO ICAO
55 IQ H3 Southwest NO ICAO
56 IQ Ruwayshid NO ICAO
57 TK Sanliurfa LTCS
58 SY Kharab Ishk HELIPORT
59 SY Tal Siman HELIPORT
60 & 61 INCORRECTLY PLACED MARKERS for Raj al Issa East & West CLOSED airstrips. Airstrips are located 15nm east of Sayqal. The markers are placed at N35*01'18" E35*54'02".

Edited by Minsky
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South Atlantic

DCS Open Beta - 10.03.2023

1 Port Stanley
2 Mount Pleasant
3 San Carlos FOB
4 Rio Gallegos
5 Rio Grande
6 Ushuaia
7 Ushuaia Helo Port
8 Puntaenas
9 Pampa Guanaco
10 San Julian
11 Puerto Williams
12 Puerto Natales
13 El Calafate
14 Puerto Santa Cruz
15 Comandante Luis Piedrabuena
16 Aerodromo De Tolhuin
17 Porvenir
18 Almirante Schroeders
19 Rio Turbio
20 Rio Chico HELIPORT
21 UNUSED (likely reserved for Caleta Tortel)
22 Franco Bianco
23 Goose Green
24 Hipico
25 Aeropuerto de Gobernador Gregores
26 Aerodromo O'Higgins
27 UNUSED (likely reserved for Cullen FOB)
28 Gull Point

Edited by Minsky
DCS Open Beta - 10.03.2023
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