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Operation Desert Thunder - A 10 mission campaign for the JF-17 Thunder

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Operation Desert Thunder

The year is 2017. Tensions have been brewing between the Republic of Hormuz and the Free State of Bastak for several years regarding natural gas deposits found off the island of Qesm. So far, any attempt by the international community to mediate the dispute has been rebuffed by both parties who claim the Island as their own; Hormuz because it is within their borders and Bastak due to the many of Bastak heritage who live on the Island.

Sponsored by the Russian Federation and People's Republic of China, Kuban Security has been enlisted to bolster the air force of Hormuz with their JF-17 Thunders. It is hoped that this move will stabilize the situation and calm the ambitions of both the Free State of Bastak and the local insurrection by the Prophets Faithful.

You are THUNDER LEAD, a veteran flight leader in Kuban Security. You and your colleagues are now the Hormuz only modern air force assets and the nations last defence against the forces that seek to disrupt peace and balance in the region.

Key Features:

  • Fly the JF-17 Thunder over the Persian Gulf as part of the PMC Kuban Security and their deployment to boost the air force of the Russian Federation ally of Hormuz.

  • Perform ten missions such as combat air patrol, close air support, low level attack and deployment of precision munitions against a large variety of targets.

  • Aid your allies against both a local insurgency and the unknown agenda of the western-alligned state of Bastak and their F-16C Vipers!

  • Fly together with a friend in the additional Co-Op Campaign!

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