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Distance to steerpoint not updating on HUD in EOM and PB HARM modes


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The distance to selected steerpoint on the bottom right corner of the HUD does not update while EOM or PB submodes are selected in the POS mode of the AGM-88C HARM. It always shows the value it had before selecting one of these modes (seems frozen).

The distance to active steerpoint updates constantly on the EHSI, but only updates on the HUD when going to the RUK submode. In RUK, the distance indicator updates constantly and is thus synced with the EHSI. As distance does not update, time to steerpoint displays 414:16 permanently.

The chevron on the launch region bar on the left of the HUD does work properly and descends as the plane gets closer to the selected steerpoint. Once in-range, proper Time-to-impact is displayed at the bottom right of the HUD, distance to steerpoint remains frozen.

This does not seem to cause any trouble to missile employement as missiles fired in these modes have hit.

I have reproduced this and joined a short track of it.


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