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F-16C 416th Flight Test Squadron Edwards Skin


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F-16C Block 50D 91-0383 from the 416th Flight Test Squadron (FLTS) stationed at Edwards AFB, California. Tail Code ED.

Landing gear textures are credited to PorcoRosso86.

External cockpit textures are credited to watermanpc.






April 2021

I'm currently working on a new skin for the Viper. It is the Block 50 AF 91-0383 from the FLTS at Edwards AFB. 

The skin is not finished at all yet, especially the nose needs to be changed to a darker color tone. For now I have completed the tail and the main top fuselage parts. The whole bottom fuselage and the wings still need to be done. I'm aiming for a mostly clean aircraft.

But I thought I'd share some screenshots already.



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Another great one.


Makes sense that Edwards birds are kept more pristine than line birds. Great work.


Some pics of the a/c in question.





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Work resumed on the Edwards Viper. I can call it completely done now. I will do a few more checks here and there and then upload it to the User Files.

I added a lot more weathering and details from my previous Viper liveries. The aircraft remains the same, the skin is still aimed to replicate the most recent Block 50 91-0383 paint scheme.















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Amazing stuff, thanks!!!! 

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