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CTD after re-arming at the moment throttles are advanced to begin moving


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This bug has occurred to myself and friend of mine multiple times in the viper. It may have occurred once in the F-18 as well.


The crash occurs after landing and re-fuel/re-arm.  The re-arm completes succesfully, but upon advancing the throttle to begin moving again, the game instantly crashes to desktop.


Loadout of the aircraft was  2 x wing tanks, 5 x  Aim-120C5, 1 x AIM-9x on station 3.


Unfortunately, due to the CTD, I'm pretty sure the trackfile didn't get saved. I'm attaching one that MIGHT correspond to a session where this occured, but it seems too small.


Uploading DCS log as well.  Possible hypothesis: Something to do with Volanta's plugin being installed, but volanta not running?

Kai's Syrian Privates 1A 20210418-20210418-204437.trk


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Added dcs.log
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thank you for the data, I could not get a good play back using the reply. 


I have tried to reproduce but have been unsuccessful so far.


If you do get any more tracks please attach them. 


I would recommend removing any unofficial mods or edits and running a cleanup and repair or verify if steam 


please also check 


[string "C:\Users\jmigr\Saved Games\DCS\Scripts/DCS_Volanta.lua"]:81: in function <[string "C:\Users\jmigr\Saved Games\DCS\Scripts/DCS_Volanta.lua"]:33>.


thank you


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