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Head View axis commands configuration... (Sum different axis inputs)


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I'm newbie DCS player. I want to answer a couple of questions about controls config.


I came from War Thunder Sim Mode mainly and Il2 sometimes. I've take my time to optimize my control devices, I'm using TrackIR, Joystick (Logi Extreme 3D) and mouse.


Regarding TrackIR, I don´t  like to turn too much my head having to move my eyes a lot to see the screen (not comfortable to me). 
I get an ultra wide monitor and prefer to use TrackIR with 15° max on pitch and yaw angular view changes (the other 3 translational axis as usual) and transfer this movement 1 to 1 into the game.
If I want to get 90° or more I use "mouse look" movements (but first translating the mouse movement to a vjoy axis and use that input into the game).
As example War Thunder naturally SUM the input from native TrackIR integration and the head view analog axis command (configuring the respective vjoy axis). Finally I get comfortable, fully and precise head view control in the game (to my taste).


I tried to do the same trick in DCS but I can't figure out how to achieve this goal.
Saw that Head Tracker commands (recognizing TrackIR native integration) don´t allow the use another analog devices input.
The only possible option is to use "Absolute Camera..." axis, like I show in the screenshot.
But configuring several axis inputs don't sum... the program select or prioritize one or another.


The 2 questions....


1. Exist some hidden configurable command control behavior to sum the input of the several configured axis for the same command?
2. In order to get better response in the game... Exist a "smoothness" setting for a axis command control to avoid source jittering (from different devices qualities)?


Thank for you answers or suggestions in advance... 

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