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What is F/C in the DL of the SLAM-ER?


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Yep F/C is Force Correlate but how does it's behaviour differ from the standard CENT mode? I'm assuming CENT stands for CENTROID and that the logic is similar to a maverick seeker. I.e.... In 'Centroid' the seeker will attempt to perform a contrast lock on the object within the crosshairs and attempt to maintain that lock (even if it moves??) on the object itself. Whereas in F/C the seeker is looking at the whole scene and merely attempts to stabilize on the crosshair point itself?


That was badly explained. Maybe someone else can help.


On a different note, it's not been emphasized, but you can use the STP option to actually set the ingress altitude at each STP. I.e set up a 1000ft height initially and then step the height down to 500ft at the next STP etc. The missile will terrain follow wonderfully and it opens up some nice mission options. 


I'm not sure what the VEL (velocity) option does, I'm not sure why you'd want to restrict the missile speed. Does it set a minimum energy level or something? 


Overall pretty impressed with the SLAM-ER. It's certainly the most advanced playable weapon in DCS.

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The manual was updated with the latest open beta update.  Here's what it says about the F/C option on the DL13 format:


Force Correlate. Cycles between centroid tracking and forced correlation. Centroid tracking attempts to track bright or dark shapes in the image and is more effective against moving vehicles. Forced correlation attempts to track part of an image and is more effective when pinpointing part of a larger structure.


I've only tried it against structures and either mode work fine for that purpose.  I'll try some test shots at some moving targets later.


One cool thing I discovered was that you can box/unbox the F/C option on the DL13 by bumping the SCS switch in the direction of the DDI that already has TDC assigned and displaying the DL13 format.  Pretty handy and I don't remember seeing it documented in the manual.

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