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Tutorial for creating persistent campaigns

Death Merchant

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Is there a tutorial or other resources for learning how to create a persistent campaign.

I'm currently learning how to create missions. I have a background in coding and I am in the process of learning LUA.
I would love to be able to create persistent campaigns but have not been able to find any information on how to create them.



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I would say find good tutorial to learn the DCS MOOSE api. From there, you will understand the code behind the campaign/missions ...


The difference between standard missions and dynamic campaign is that the dynamic campaign will generate mission file on the fly before starting the game. But the mission content will have the same format as a normal mission.



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I've climbed this mountain, and it's not easy.  


The methodology I used was based on Pikey's simple saving scripts for both groups and statics. 


They basically work by writing a serialized save file (lua table) consisting of every unit on the map in an interval.


On restart, it creates a set of every unit/group/static and removes them. They are then replaced by the written file.


I had to highly modify them, to ignore groups & units with certain names that I specifically didn't want to be persistent, or things that just didn't work well (like persistent cargo objects, moving vehicles, etc.). 


Many other entities need to be managed as one-offs as well - CSARs, CTLD fobs, FARPs, etc. 


But it absolutely can be done.  


And it truly does work fantastically. Our campaign server restarts every morning (reboots) and it comes up and loads the campaign mission. Everything is exactly how it was left the last time someone flew on it.





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