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CCRP Bomb not dropping in external view (M-2000C)


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Hello All


DCS version : 
v2.5.6.61527 (which is the default version in steam, sorry i posted in v2.7, couldn't find other versions)


Module : 
M-2000C by RAZBAM


Weapons concerned : 
CCRP type bombs (At least : Mk-82 and GBU-12, I haven't used the others yet)

Description of the BUG :
I noticed that the bomb will not drop (=trigger action not reccorded by the game) while in external views (F2, F3, F4,...)
I carefully did the AG designation in cockpit view (F1) and hold the trigger for a long time once leveled in external view.
I tried series of 4 consecutive drops, alternating the views, AND playing the same track in Replay, randomly alternating the views.
As a result :
No problem during the weapon preparation sequence, with PCA, PPA & HUD (only the trigger seems affected)
Any time i am in cockpit view, the bomb will be realased. Anytime I'm in an external view, nothing happened, the planes waits for further instructions.
A drop which failled with an external view in one replay will work in the next one in cockpit view.

I don't have any issued with the CCIP type bombs (at least Mk-82 SnakeEye), neither with rocket, cannons,...
Also, in cockpit view, with "Toggle tracking launched weapon" (RCtrl + Num.+) activated, the bomb will be dropped and the camera will instantly switch to the bomb view.

I couldn't find any similar issue in the forum. Hope it's not only me.
It's not a problem in game but it kind of spoil the replay experience for videos etc.

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