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Will be brandnew and (lightly) used cockpit options available later on?


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I just wanted to know if not only the regular lightly used cockpit but also a brand new cockpit option to choose from will be available later on for the fine ED F-16 plane.

Just like the A-10C II Tank Killer - this plane has these two cockpit options too.

(I triggers my OCD having this bit of the outer edge broken the the button "3" on the F-16 ICP panel 😄 and I would install this brandnew spare part if I could.........)


A happy flight to you all, and thanks for creating this wonderful and superrealistic F-16.





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The F-16 is such a beautyful plane it would really deserve a shiny brand-new cockpit option to choose from 😉 .... no one agreeing?

Imagine buying a Ferrari - you would want it shiny and clean inside. The F-16 literally is a Ferrari, but a flying one.

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Well, I for one would like a less used cockpit. But then, this should be easily solved by a mod and tbh it’s quite far down my list. There are so many things I’d like to see fixed/implemented like the FM, bullseye, all DED & MFD pages…

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Hm I don´t like that in Flight Simulator too when entering the pit feels like entering a barnyard find. But the perfect F-16 cockpit without excessive wear and tear and without everything scratched and dirty, is almost finished and I am very happy about this new texture:


Fantastic work! Even the reflections on the MFD screens are now very high quality and no more pixelated and looking like some 128x128 pixel low-res placeholder.

The cockpit is well maintained and clean and good looking, with some realistic light used-look implemented into the texture (but without absolutely exaggerating the wears and tears and without having literally every square inch completely scratched dirty muddy and rusty).

It feels really good to sit inside such a clean and well kempt cockpit. 🙂

Unfortunately I cannot fly it because there is some digital signature error when starting DCS (why is the Steam version using some stupid kind of secondary online-DRM anyway?!) but these screenshots were right after installing the new cockpit earlier this evening. And it looks absolute gorgeous, I wish the F-14 had such a cockpit retexturing option.

I would love to have this beautyful (if not BEST!) cockpit texture with some middle-grey option too to also be able choose the classical F-16 cockpit design sometimes.

Digital Combat Simulator 19.10.2021 21_32_14.jpg

Digital Combat Simulator 19.10.2021 21_32_24.jpg

Digital Combat Simulator 19.10.2021 21_32_51.jpg

Digital Combat Simulator 19.10.2021 21_33_07.jpg

Digital Combat Simulator 19.10.2021 21_33_19.jpg

Digital Combat Simulator 19.10.2021 21_33_26.jpg

Digital Combat Simulator 19.10.2021 21_33_55.jpg

Digital Combat Simulator 19.10.2021 21_47_37.jpg

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