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Ship "Add Target" cannot be modified (Cannot "Start/Stop Fire" or adjust "Number of Shots")

Shadow KT

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Using Tactical Commander.


When using ground based units, you can click on "Add Target", adjust how many shots you want the unit to fire and click "Start Fire". You can at any point press "Stop Fire", adjust parameters and again click "Start Fire".

This is not possible with ships. When you click "Add Target" and select somewhere, the ship will automatically start to fire a salvo of 10 missiles/shots, without you pressing "Start Fire". If you press "Stop Fire", the target marker automatically disappears and you have to place another "Add Target" marker. If you try to adjust "Number of Shots", everything will zero out.


Ship Attack Target.trk


I am adding a short track with an MLRS unit as well, so you can see how it work with ground units.


Artillery Attack Target.trk

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Everybody gotta be offended and take it personally now-a-days

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