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Remove/Change/Make Assignable the Set Path keyboard command.

Shadow KT

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Using Tactical Commander. 


When press the left Shift Key and left click on the map, you will automatically start adding new waypoints for whatever unit you have selected.

This key command is not listed in "Controls" and cannot be changed. 


The problem occurs, when you are playing around with Time Acceleration in SP ,or trying to open the Chat in MP. Both Command require the press of the Shift key. If you are not careful, you will activate the "Set Path" command. If you have clicked with the mouse somewhere (added a waypoint), which is easy to do, while not anticipating to enter this mode, you CAN NOT cancel it. The only way the cancel it, is to enter external view for anything. If you are playing on a mission/server, with External Views disabled, than there is no way to cancel this.

If you are "lucky" enough to have clicked on an AI, which has multiple tasks and advanced waypoint actions and cannot cancel the "Set Path" mode... then you have lost all tasking and options for that AI, as they get deleted, when a new path is set.


This also ruins some features Combined Arms wise, as Yes... you can give commands and waypoints to aircraft, but they will no longer function as they did, if they were an AWACS or a Tanker.

This is more of a Combined Arms wish list item, but for now... at least make the shortcut key changeable, or just straight up deleted it.

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