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APKWS and BRM-1 fired by the AI are not behaving properly.

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When the AI fires APKWS and BRM-1, the rocket motor does not work properly. 

Within the same mission, I tried firing the BRM-1 in my JF-17, but none of the rocket motors were working in the ones fired by the AI, while the ones fired by me fired normally. Here is the log file and trk file from that time.

BRM-1_APKWS_20210525.log BRM-1_APKWS_20210525.trk

Please keep the war only in the simulator.

Ryzen7 3800 X @ 8x4.5GHz / 64GB DDR4-3200 RAM / Nvidia Geforce RTX3060(GDDR6 12GB VRAM)/ Windows 10 Home 64Bit / Saitek X-56 / Track IR

Sorry, I don't speak English, so I use DeepL Translate. Well, I can speak Japanese.

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Hi. Thanks for the track. I cannot see any issue in it. What do you mean by "does not work properly"? Do you mean AI-fired rockets don't hit their target? Do you mean they don't emit smoke? Or something else?

A track or it didn't happen.

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