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120cs in the F18 jerking and teleporting instead of hitting the target.


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Unless fired extremely close (and even then, the chance of missing is greater than it should be) 120Cs on the F18 have been broken for a long time. Exhausted by being repeatedly killed by F-16Cs while flying the Hornet, tonight I've spectated every single 120 I've fired. The result is that 120s will either fly to the moon once near their target or just jerk violently and teleport away from the intended target, resulting in a miss.


This apparently doesn't happen in the F16 given the big amount of kills they get in PvP server, so I suspect this must be something between the Hornet guidance system and the AMRAAMs. I've literally spammed all my 120s at a single target from close range, and none out of the 5 missiles hit. I am fairly sure this isn't a notching problem, as often the targets were flying straight without jamming/chaffing/trying to notch.

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