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Pontus and 2.7

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Hi all. Having great time with mission. 


One query. Now 2.7 weather I find the only effective load out is 500 pound jdams x8 . Too.much cloud for laser guided weapons mavs flir etc. I hit strike target as always man on roof (no need to destroy building) and then cas with remaining jdams.


Wingman won't release however every time


How is everyone else approaching missions



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23 hours ago, VDV said:

how can i contact with JTAC? It`s freq should be 305 Mhz if im not in mistake, but i`ve tried it hundred of times and he is still silent....


Hey VDV, are you using COM1 radio in order to contact JTAC? The default shortcut is LAlt+\. Try this and let us know if you are facing problem. 



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