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Some simple Decals / Splat for ME?


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My apologies if I don't have the terminology correct - what I'm looking for is called 'Splat' or 'Decal' in other 3D engines. Basically it's a sprite (a quad with a texture) with transparency that you place like a 'decal' on other surfaces (i.e. over the texture). Common uses in other engines are to place bullet holes, cracks, blotches, graffiti etc. But that's not why I would like to use them in DCS.


I'd like to be able to add some markings to the ground (and only ground). Also, the selection should be small: a limited ME stock that only provides all digits (0..9), some letters (e.g. 'A' to 'F'), two symbols (coma, period) and a straight line (of course, more decals would be welcome: dashed lines, arrows, chevrons etc.). The color would be yellow only (if you want to get fancy, you can allow the shader to multiply a user-chosen color with the white base texture, but that's not necessary for me).


So basically I'd simply place these flat, textures on the ground and - boom! - the artwork represented in the decal is drawn over the texture on the ground (blended by the transparency value in the alpha mask). 


Why? I want to add some additional markings on the ground, usually for FARP and airfields, to demark landing zones, loading zones, storage zones, etc. Temporarily spay-painting these markings onto a tarmac/concrete floor with a stencil is common for most operations, and I would like to be able to do that in ME as well - especially in Caucasus, where the airfields are practically screaming for some new markings 🙂


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