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Which Suite is the A-10C II Tank Killer?

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Before the A-10C II Tank Killer came out, I think I've read that it would probably mostly resemble a Suite 7 aircraft. In the meantime, there have been tidbits of information that the DCS A-10C II does not exactly represent any Suite, because it mixes features from several Suites; I think mostly Suite 5 and Suite 7, if I remember this correctly.


But now that we know very well what the DCS A-10C II has in terms of features and capabilities, I wonder if there's any specific Suite that ours is closest to? I'd appreciate any pointers.

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FWIW, Looking at the few references to suites in the 2012 -1, the arc-210 actually proceeded suite 5, but obogs was in before suite 6, so that makes me think suite 5 is the closest match?

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