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Taxi and Takeoff Training Mission Timings

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In the Taxi and Takeoff training mission, if you follow the voice prompts for Spacebar, you will end up with a loud C-130 RIGHT behind you as you stop just before taking the runway for that last minute check(s). Not sure if this was planned or not or a happenstance.

"These are NOT 1 to 1 replicas of the real aircraft, there are countless compromises made on each of them" - Senior ED Member


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Yes and this is so cool, makes the airport feel so alive and active and gives some great and interesting planes to watch!


Oh I wish I could fly this C-130 in DCS (and I am sure the C-130 pilot would do everything to sit in an F-16 cockpit at least once) but I guess we have to wait until Captain Sim releases their Boeing 757/767 cargo to get an awesome cargo freighter plane to bring some important containers to Area 51 😉





Imagine flying a C-130 or a C-17 Globemaster in DCS to enjoy delivering strange unmarked freight to Area 51. Most of the freight would be labelled code black and even 99% of the Area 51 staff is not allowed to know what`s inside these containers......................

Digital Combat Simulator 21.05.2021 19_46_26.jpg

Digital Combat Simulator 21.05.2021 19_46_09.jpg

Digital Combat Simulator 21.05.2021 19_52_43.jpg

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