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Helicopter multiplayer ctld limitations


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One of the core roles of helicopters, cargo transport, is effectively killed off in multiplayer servers because limited ctld features. 


Because there are no viable ways to control permissions or punish team kills with combined arms assets server hosts end up blocking combined arms entirely. 


You need CA for helicopters to really fill out their role and you need better management of CA users online for any server operator to embrace it. 


Now that you've got at least 3 helicopters on the horizon, please put some time into features of Combined Arms that allows hosts to support them without the current trolling problems it introduces.


For example:

No way to tell who parked an asset on the runway (trolling) 

No way to limit the number of units deployed (kill server performance) 

No way to limit how far a unit will travel (kill server performance) 

No way to prevent someone else from messing with your unit (trolling) 

No way to know who shot at friendly units (trolling) 

No way to give credit to helpful players

No way to limit which units each user can deploy. 

No group permissions

No accountability


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The Hoggit servers used to allow CA and it was glorious. It added a whole new level of depth to helicopter gameplay.


Then they removed it because of the above cited trolling problems, and now the only viable offensive ground units are artillery because they have enough range to hit things without moving. It kinda sucks. A lot.


I support this thread 100%

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Whenever I join a public server I accept that there are going to be other peoples’ kids flying around in there, bored, looking for ways to amuse themselves. Some of them may be in their 40s but still wear the same short pants as adults. 😉 This is really the heart of the issue, and I think the fix is whitelisting vs. coding in “anti troll” measures that’ll inevitably end up becoming problematic in themselves. Think, for example, shader mods that make VR more useable (necessary in *this* sim for many) but fail IC because someone will inevitably use it for nefarious purposes. But yeah, when the door is left open and anyone can walk in, they will. 

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On 6/7/2021 at 10:28 AM, Britchot said:

These are all great points, but wouldn't it be more appropriate to ask for them in the Combined Arms Forum?

Sort of, but it seems like CA is a dead product.  The topic is most pertinent to helicopters.    CA in multiplayer should be free in my opinion.  It's closely tied to helicopters and their usefulness is severely limited without it.

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