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First harpoon fired does not use R/BL


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I locked a ship on radar and set all my harpoon to R/BL, skim, low.

I then went A-A mode to check for migs, etc.

I went back to A-G mode, locked a surface ship, and fired a harpoon (still showing R/BL mode). It flew due north, nowhere near my locked ship.

Then I fired another harpoon - it DID track the ship.


Every time you lock a surface ship, the default harpoon station currently selected will NOT be in R/BL mode, even if it shows that on the MFD. If you launch it, it will go north.


If you step stations, or reset R/BL, it works.


This seems like a bug to me. Happens online and offline.

I tried to attack two ships in a co-op mission, firing 2 harpoons at each ship. I wasted the first shot of each salvo because of this glitch.

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7700K@5Ghz, 32GB 3600 CL16, 3080.

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