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Landing Gear Warning Lights after gear doors have been blown away


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  In the sim,after landing gear door have been blown away , the gear doors are gone and the actuators of them stay in the open position.

  So I think that if you overspeed the gear doors and then retract the gears,the landing gear warning lights on the gear handle should stay on due to lack of gear door close signal,and thus trigger the landing gear aural tone after 15 seconds,which is also a good way to tell people the gear doors have been damaged without switching to outside view.

  But right now the landing gear warning lights won't lit with up and locked gears and missing gear doors.



The landing gear warning light is a red light in the gear handle. The light comes on when the gear is in transit and remains on until all three gear are down and locked when DN is selected, or all the gear doors are closed when UP is selected. The light remains on with the gear down and locked if the left or right main landing gear planing link is not locked. When the landing gear handle light has been on for 15 seconds the landing gear aural tone also come on.


Landing Gear Warning Lights.trk

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