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Target aspect not in B-Scope projection

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The F15 radar screen uses the B-Scope projection which plots targets in angle-range coordinates. When using TWS a target vector is plotted as well, which gives aspect information. From my understanding, the aspect information should be based on the same coordinate systen. For example: The vector of a hot bandit is pointing vertically downwards. Now to the problem: If a hot target, which is flying on a straight line, is locked and then it is moved to the radar gimbals, it changes aspect on the radar screen. Again from my understanding, the target should point downwards independent from the position on the radar screen, because the vertical lines in the b-scope projection are all pointing towards the radar in cartesian coordinates.


I have attached a small track to show the problem. The track was taken with


Best Regards, Badlego


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The target vector shows heading IIRC, not aspect.  I'll check the -34 when able.


Edit:  Yep, according to the -34 the vector shows 'relative heading', not aspect.  That doesn't mean that we don't have a problem still.

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Yes the target vector line should change only if a target changes heading. If you lock a hot target flying opposite heading than yours and crank it to your left gimbal it should point straight down into a lower left corner of a B Scope not at the lower center of it as it does. 


So thank you for pointing out an issue and heads up to ED.

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