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Thanks for a great campaign! My review


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Just finished the Kursant Campaign yesterday and I must say I absolutely loved it.

I think everybody that wants to get better at virtual flying should try it out, even if they have a lots of hours under their belt in DCS.

I felt that the missions really made me work on my virtual flying "fundamentals" such as stability when flying / turning, being always aware of my flight parameters, navigation, working on briefings key elements of a mission, and being able to remember them while flying (without pausing the game). 


Being a big L39 fan, I do use a lot of the stuff I learned in the campaign since I played the missions, including on online servers. Using the stopwatchfor navigation for instance,  or using certain attack circuits for A/G...


For the record, I bought the L39 as an introduction to military flight sim (I'm more of a civilian flight sim guy in the first place) and it was my first full module (before I just played Su 25T) when I bought it in 2017, and I was sort of using it as a home made "Carreer mode": train on the L39, learn all about it, then move on to the Mig21, trying to emulate what a "real" fighter pilot would do. This campaign was a perfect fit for this idea of mine, and I forbid myself of playing any other modules before I completed it. The ending of the campaign feels even more rewarding because of that. I can finally learn the Mig21 thanks to the validation of the instructor 015! 😃


Some negatives about the campaign though: 


- Some of the briefings were very confusing, especially at the end of the campaign. Some missions had altitudes mixed up (radioalt or not) and...

please, oh PLEASE specify in the briefing that the KNEEBOARD has flight maps on it!! When I discovered that the first time after spending an hour on the briefing of mission 2 trying to understand what was going on I was pissed. I imagine some players are not used to the kneeboard and probably dropped the campaign because of that...


- The attack circuits are all quite interesting, but some context on why use one over the other would have been great. 


- I feel like more missions based around instruments navigation would have been a big plus, like an entire mission dedicated to ARC (NDB) / RSBN / PRMG usage in bad conditions. Maybe, one less rocket attack mission being replaced by a RSBN mission would have been perfect. 


But all in all, really loved it, I had great fun planning all these missions and executing them. 


I think what I enjoyed the most is that you realize with this sort of training that it is not about getting kills online or learning how to dogfight after 3 clicks. It is more about the discipline, the preparation of a flight, the briefing, the knowledge of your aircraft, and being able to use it in the adversity of your cockpit and unexpected events. 


PS: I posted the last missions (starting from mission 7) on Youtube  if anyone is interested in watching a bad pilot do the campaign. 



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Totally agree. You have to learn to fly WELL before you start shooting and bombing. I've played Xplane a lot and only really learned when I knew how to keep a Cessna straight and level (having done a lot of things on a 737 before, but didn't really know anything). The same happens in DCS. If you learn to fly and really control your aircraft, you will enjoy more and everything will be more rewarding.
I'm starting now with the L-39 and Kursant. I'm sure that after I'm done with this, I'll be able to enjoy my other modules much more.
Thanks for your review.

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