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DCS No longer providing 5.1 output cant seem to track down the issue.

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I have sound blaster x AE-5 using 5.1 surround as my default audio

I have on board audio running sim shaker

I have Vr HP Reverb G2 headset using Mic and earphones for voice com (all Radio, ICS, discord, SRS go through headphones)


All this was working about a week ago and I dont recall making any changes. The issue now is I get no audio output from the rear speakers. Things like engine would play though the rear speakers.  Now I only get audio from FL, Center, FR and sub.


**) The issue is not fully DCS related I have an AVI test file that I would run from time to time that plays 5.1 audio and I use it to test speakers Its has always worked fine in the past when playing though win media player. However now it plays Rear audio in the front left and front right and there is NO audio from either the RL or RR speaker. DCS is doing the same thing. However when I play this same file using VLC media player and select 5.1 it plays correct. Also most other games seem to play correct as well...

1) DCS is set to 5.1

2) A self check using the Soundblaster connect 2 software shows 5.1 and test correct

3) Win 10 test in sound setup test correct

4) Soundblaster is still set to default


Thanks in advance



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