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Bo-105 Weapon terminal


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Recently @The_Fragger posted a screenshot of the Bo-105 cockpit.




I queried the weapon box (the beige-yellow box in the top-left).


@The_Fragger was kind enough to post a photograph and a diagram on Discord.








As I know there are people here who do not speak German, I've tried to translate this into (broken!) English.





(Let me know if there are corrections.)


Details ont he Bo-105C are pretty common on the web, but I (at least) had not seen anything on the PAH1 like this before. So, for that reason, I figured post it here for those on these forums who are curious.














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Just found this, thanks for taking the time to translate!

The vCVW-17 is looking for Hornet and Tomcat pilots and RIOs. Join the vCVW-17 Discord.


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