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DCS ANZUS is looking for Aussie, Kiwi and US based pilots to come fly.


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Welcome to ANZUS,
We are a DCS group based in the Australian time zone (AEST) that is focused on improving our flight skills to match those of the real life Royal Australian Air Force pilots and simulating the real world within DCS to the best of our abilities.

While we are in Australia, we have pilots from all over the globe and operate the following Squadrons

77th Fighter Squadron - F-18
VF-213/VF-114 - F-14B/A
75th Fighter Squadron - M-2000
VMA-214 - AV-8B Harrier

We are looking to add an F-16 SQN in the future and are looking for a CO, If you believe you are capable of leading a SQN please apply and send me a message. 

When joining our group we require everyone to fill in a quick recruitment form which will take 2 minutes of your time.

After filling in the recruitment form we place you into our 1FTS (Flight Training Squadron) where you can learn and train with other cadets in order to pass a checkride. After passing your checkride you will then be placed into an active squadron and either continue training or be placed into an operational deployment.

We offer a dedicated scripted server and have skins for each squadron.

This server uses ATIS and ATC procedures which include training bombing ranges with monthly competitions. Missions normally run on a Sunday at 12:00 AEST (1900 Pacific Daylight time Saturday night).

Requirements for joining: - You have the aircraft you want to fly - You have a mic and speak English - Persian Gulf is required but we do plan to use Multiple map in the future - Supercarrier is required for naval based squadrons -

You must fill in the Recruitment form within 2 weeks of joining this discord as we are not looking for people sitting around idle
Because we are a Australian based group, please stick to using AEST(GMT +10) times whenever talking or planning flights to avoid confusion.

For all Questions please contact myself.


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