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Off set point and HARM PB mode


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I have a report open with the team to check offset 



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Dear Aviators,

I'm not sure if this is wrong behavior or bug or correct as is, anyway I couldn't find anything in the manual

1. I designate the O/S waypoint as a target and can see the diamond showing on the HUD 

2. Then I setup HARM in PB mode

Here is the deal, HARM's azimuth steering line still point in to the original waypoint and ignores the offset target.

Any help is welcome!

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1. Already reported. Bugs section is the place for such posts: 

2. Now it even ignores WPT... sort of. Searching head of the missile is active much earlier then it was. It was activating ~10 nm before WPT, now it's much more... I don't know... 30 nm? 40?

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