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Graphical glitch


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Im posting this here, because its quite easy for me to reproduce the problem with the Normandy-IA-mission vs the Mirage with them terrible Matras.


Right around release of 2.7 (+/+ 3 days) I got a 6700XT as my new videocard.


Ever since then I had occasional graphical glitches, not sure now on which planes. Actually pretty rare, but only recently when doing the Normandy-AI dissimilar-mission, I quite often get this glitch. Often around sending a Sparrow to meet the Mirage`s.


Not sure, if its related to 2.7, my GPU or the Tomcat.


I just can say, that I never had such problem with the GPU in other games, which should be a sign, that the GPU is ok.


Personally I suspect 2.7 a bit more then the Tomcat, but Im not sure.


Anyone seen this problem too? Did not witness this with 2.5.


The glitches are usually maybe a few frames (3frames on a 30fps recording, so I guess 5 frames in my 60fps-setup) long.





Win 10, 5800x3D, 6800XT, 32GB Ram, 4 SSDs, TrackIRpro 4, TM Warthog, VKB T-Rudder Mk IV,  ReverbG2 

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This issue is not F-14 related, it is global, and it seems mostly appearing with AMD GPU, but I see you mention an NVIDIA GPU in your signature.


Let's resume the conversation here:


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A track or it didn't happen.

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