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Recording VR


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What’s the best way to record a VR mission so that it looks “normal” on a 2d screen please? The issue I have with playing the trackfile is that your head movements are not replicated in the replay - or am I doing something wrong? Also would be great to have some kind of timeline functionality to the trackfile playback - ctrl z etc a bit fiddly.


Also is there a way to set the mirror on my 2d screen to look normal? Currently i have rectangle selected in VR option and left eye selected. But it records the whole of desktop onto which the mirror is running … and the rectangle is 9:16 rather than the other way round.

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understand i have never tried this, but from what i have seen the suggestions seem to be to use OBS, upscale the 2d mirror to 4k and then edit out the mask, you can turn the mask off, but it will eat into your frame times

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I use Oculus Quest2 and I record a video from the headset. Download it to a PC via the USB-C cable, do some minor editing on the free da Vinci Resolve. The result looks something like this:


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