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AI – Harrier acceleration performance.

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It seems to me that the AI Harrier have a large power advantage when accelerating.

I have observed that it is nearly impossible to match AI harrier speed during takeoff and during speed changes enroute.

During liftoff AI seems to acetate from 180kt to 400kt much faster than possible as player. See attached DCS trk.  +  attached AV8_S-DCS-NervadaTest.zip.acmi tacview file time 00:00:34 to 00:01:10

 This also seems to be the case enroute: In the attached DCS trk at waypoint 1 there is a speed change from TAS 334 to 385kt see: attached AV8_S-DCS-NervadaTest.zip.acmi tacview file time 00:03:02 to 00:03:12.

AV8_S-DCS-NervadaTest.zip.acmi NervadaTest.miz


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