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Water surface seem to stuck at very low detail


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Sorry, this was discussed already in the clouds & weather section, but maybe it fits in here more


My question is: was there a patch note, or a Bignewy statement that I overread, where clearly the current state of the water surface was mentioned as subject to improvement or change singe 2.7. update? 

I think we can all agree that it appears vastly different than what we had pre 2.7. Some people seem to think it looks better now (I would strongly disagree, it just is low detail, which makes it almost impossible for me to get visual estimate of altitude when over sea) 

And there is the same issue with like the clouds- changing details of water in settings menu don't seem to have any effect.


So are the devs aware of that, is this intended to be the current state of what water surface looks like now due to new graphics effects, or can we expect some improvement in this, maybe get the water from pre 2.7 back... ?


I must also add that I fly exclusively in VR. Maybe that is because it springs more to the eye.

I7 8700K 3.7 GHz 32GB RAM NVIDIA RTX 3080 Rift S

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