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Rudder and nosewheel authority


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1) Nosewheel steering

On the ground, standing still. Best visualised in low light conditions with nosewheel lights on since they turn with the wheels:

Apply some rudder pedals, then accelerate, keep rudder pedal input the same.

Observed behaviour: Turn radius tightens with increasing speed.

This makes no sense, should be vice versa or stay the same.


2) Rudder

Causes tremendous roll rate.

At 500 kph rudder roll cannot be countered by elevons anymore. Really ?


3) Rudder and nosewheel steering "harmony"

A bit input on the rudder pedals causes a lot of rudder in flight and makes fine directional adjustments really hard. Rudder authority is way too high.

On the other hand tuning down the pedal input to reduce rudder authority would cause the Viggen to not turn anymore at low taxiing speeds on the ground.

Rudder/nosewheel steering of the Viggen is maybe the most inharmonious in DCS.

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