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Need Dummies Guide for DCS and Oculus, please.


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Already done a general search on the Internet and here but seem to be unable to find an up to date comprehensive step by step detailed guild to getting DCS World (non-Steam) working with Oculus system. There must be millions of posts out there on DCS World and Oculus but no solid, detailed guide, as far as I see. Forget the needle in the bale of hay, it seems like trying to find the needle in a whole farm full of hay. Keep finding broken needles or only half a needle!!!


Too many such posts are vague for the newbie, use unknown abbreviations, talk about injecting DCS.exe but without clear instructions or just plain do not work. Even posts like all your PC games show up in Virtual Desktop but I see only Oculus and some of my Steam games!!. 


Seems like pot luck if I can get a non-Steam VR session working.


I am looking for a working, tested, valid and current 'Dummies Guide for DCS and Oculus', if any exist.


And I am also trying to understand how all the software components work together to give us VR DCS World with Oculus headsets. Questions like do we use DCS.exe or the DCS World updater, what does each component enable us to do, etc. Already have Virtual Desktop on the headset, Virtual Desktop Streamer on the PC, Side Quest, OEM Oculus application on the PC, Steam and Oculus Tray Tools. Also using recommend Link cable and 5Ghz wireless as needed. Which ones to use and in what steps and order?


Can anyone help, please?

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Which Oculus Headset do you have? Quest, Quest II, Rift, Rift S..

I have Rift S, all I had to do was enable the Unknown Sources under the General Tab in Settings of the Oculus software. That allows to play standard pc games like DCS.

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What MrStuBest said !


Also, when first using my Rift-S i had also installed SteamVR but that roared it's ugly head each time i wanted to do something in VR. Found no way to set it to not to run when i started a VR session so in the end i unstalled the entire Steam crap (since i don't have Steam for anything else anyway).

Only thing you need is Oculus software. Oculus is natively supported by DCS (you might want to run Oculus Debug Tool or Ocules Tray Tool (i run OTT)) but it's not needed.

And... in DCS settings VR tab make sure that Enable Virtual Reality Headset is "ticked"





More info about VR in the DCS VR subforum: https://forums.eagle.ru/forum/302-virtual-reality/

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